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  1. Thanks for posting this! My wife and I purchased some Lingzhi supplements, along with a couple of others because of you and it seems to be working well.

    Thanks again –> and we’ll keep you updated on our progress.

  2. Thanks for this info. Can you tell us where we can buy the ASHMI medicine? Or, if that’s not available yet, then how much of the 3 ingredients would you need to take in order to get the desired effect? I’ve tried to find sellers online but seem to only be able to come up with one seller who hasn’t updated their availability since 2006!!

  3. hey i was just wondering who would i be able to sell ling zhi to because i actually have some and dnt noe what should i do with them..

  4. Excellent ideas here, have emailed my mum so expect a big reply!!

  5. Hello to everyone. I’m lucas and i’ve been taking lingzhi for about 3 years now. Through this 3 years my health have been tremendously better than last time that i’ve been used to fall to high fever all the times. I bought this lingzhi products from the one of the most well know company in lingzhi cultivation that have been existed for more than 15years. The name of the company would be DXN Holdings BHD. Thank you.

  6. I’ve browsed through some of the articles in your web site at this point. I truly enjoy the way you write. I added this blog post, as well as ASHMI – Clear Breathing with Chinese Herbs as bookmarks and will be returning soon.

  7. Thanks for this article on Lingzhi Mushrooms. I am always glad to read an interesting blog. In addition, apart from the content, the design of your site looks honestly amazing. Bravo.

  8. This is the best blog on herbs for asthma that i’ve ever seen! Bookmarked.

  9. Between me and my husband we’ve several different, non-medicated asthma treatments (supplements). Have not heard of lingzhi (or ashmi) before stumbling upon your blog. Appreciate the info and will continue to research this. Greta work!!

  10. […] is a combination of three Chinese herbal extracts: Lingzhi Mushroom (aka Reishi Mushroom), Kushen (aka Sophora Root), and Licorice Root (aka Gancao). ASHMI does not include Ma Huang, which […]

  11. […] lingzhi mushroom(ganoderma lucidum), 6 g […]

  12. I can confirm the widespread claims: Reishi is truly excellent for asthma. I’ve been using the Reishi Primo extract for 6 months now and haven’t felt as good since I was 12 years old. When my asthma started kicking in.

  13. Great products Mushrooms

  14. Nice info. I randomly came across lingzhi a few months ago in Taiwan, and I feel fortunate to have done so. It’s definitely given me more energy and given me a general sense of well-being. I was so happy about it I even wrote an article about it on zujava.com.

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