Licorice Root for Asthma

Licorice Root aka Gancao
Licorice Root (also known as Gan Cao) is a Remarkable Healing Herb

Licorice root asthma treatments have a well earned reputation as being highly effective. Licorice Root (also known as Gan Cao) in Chinese Medicine, has been used successfully for thousands of years to relieve asthma symptoms and breathing problems caused by bronchitis and many other chronic and short-term respiratory illnesses.

Licorice root has been shown to effectively soothe swollen airways, acting as an effective anti-inflammatory. It has also been found to effectively inhibit histamine release, inhibit coughing and has highly effective expectorant effects.

Licorice root eases congestion and coughing, helping to loosen and thin mucus and airways. It aids in the relaxation of bronchial spasms and soothes soreness and tightness in the throat.

In addition to its use as an asthma treatment, Licorice root has a well documented history of aiding in the treatment of colds and flu, depression, emphysema, gingivitis, HIV support, viral infections, fungal infections, ulcers, psoriasis, tuberculosis and arthritis.

Licorice root has also proven to be an effective anti-allergenic useful for the treatment of bronchial asthma, hayfever, conjunctivitis and allergic rhinitis. Licorice Root also has an aspirin like effect, which helps in the treatment of fevers and pain relief from headaches.

Traditional methods of taking Licorice Root include drinking it as a tea, chewing on the root (not recommended) and in capsule form.

Mild side effects have been documented in the prolonged use of Licorice root, including water retention, increased blood pressure, and mild adrenal stimulation. Prolonged use should definitely be avoided if you suffer from high blood pressure. Be sure to discuss treatment options with your care providers.

Licorice root is available for sale in all parts of the world as an extract, pill and capsule, both in formulations containing a combination of multiple herbs and by itself.

Also known as: Chinese Licorice, Gan Cao, Gan-Cao, Kan-ts’ao, Kuo-lao, Licorice, Licorice Root, Ling-t’ung, Liquorice, Mei-ts’ao, Mi-kan, Mi-ts’ao, Sweet Licorice, Sweet Wood, Yasti Madhu

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[UPDATE]: I’ve written an article about an herbal asthma treatment called “ASHMI Clear Breathing With Chinese Herbs” which describes how Dr. Xiu-Min Li of the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York combines Licorice Root (aka Gancao) with three other herbs to produce a natural and effective asthma treatment. It’s a good read. Take a look.

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